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The Origin of Kundan Jewelry

The Origin of Kundan Jewelry

We all know the drop shaped glass stones, sometimes colored foiled in gold is none other than Kundan. Kundan jewelry is the must have of Punjabi weddings.  There are multiple types of Kundan jewelry created from the time it first originated. This has given a rise to its real gold and artificial ranges too.

The origin of Kundan first belongs to the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Slowly flourishing, it was first adopted by the queens and royal women of Mughal Era. The word Kundan itself 'highly refined gold' and the real Kundan jewelry actually has base of rich pure molten gold.

As we have seen the jewelry of Aishwarya Rai in the Bollywood movie 'Jodha Akbar' the Kundan Jewelry is well demonstrated as in the use of royals from Rajasthan. With the time, Kundan Jewelry flowed out of the royal courts and kept changing its form with silver base. It went viral in Rajasthan, Bihar and Punjab and later used commonly by public.

The Kundan jewelry is now found mostly in India and neighboring countries. At its base lies in Asia, it is the staple jewelry of the brides-to-be.  Kundan jewelry now ranges in multiple designs and there are thousands of frameworks to create Kundan jewelry.  The art of embedding the glass stones in gold or faux meta base in a framework is real Kundan.

While it is created, it undergoes several processes which involve deep detailing of the glass stones and some other gemstones which is also termed as 'Minakaari'. There is also a range of Kundan which has uncut diamonds fixed in the framework. Depending on the designs and the gemstones, along with the use of pure gold, metal base and silver, the Kundan comes in multiple choices for bridal wear to casual wear.

Kundan jewelry being the jewelry of India, has been the part of Indian culture mainly and most emphasizes its unique design for necklaces. By the time, it turned out to be in use for earrings, jhoomar, nathni and bangles.

Kundan Jewelry has been a symbolic jewelry art of India.  It has the biggest share in the Indian jewelry market. The fact is Kundan is not precious for its use of gem stones and designs, being part of royal courts, its more about the use of pure refined gold which is soft and semi-solid.

Real Kundan jewelry is eye-catching and makes the persona feel more royal than any other time.  The real Kundan is hard to find, the best kind of Kundan is found from the old market places in India, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.  Though it is now in different shapes and colored stones, everyone can feel the joy of wearing Kundan at big events and for casual wear too.

The real Kundan jewelry is very sophisticated, it needs high maintenance and frequent cleaning to make sure the gems and the gold keeps glowing at the time of use. Kundan jewelry is the best wear for the brides-to-be to make them feel on the top on their big day.