How to keep your silver earring shining all time?

Do you really know there are numberless health benefits of wearing silver jewelry? Not only its beautiful, it has a very positive impact on your health too. To get the fullest of the silver jewelry, it is essential to keep your silver jewelry well maintained, clean and kept assembled.  Usually we pack our silver jewelry with no sense and it starts getting dark in color.  Following are some great, easy tips you can follow to keep our Silver jewelry clean and shine all time.

  • Use of plastic zip bags:​ When you buy your silver jewelry, keep it stored in clean plastic bags. The silver jewelry should not be kept open and exposed to other metals. The air reacts quickly with silver and makes it dull. Moreover, whenever you use the new jewelry, keep it back in the bags after wiping makeup and oils on it,with cotton cloth. This will keep shining long lasting.
  • All time exposures: ​ No matter how much you like your silver jewelry, try not to wear while you are working roughly in water and heat. Silver jewelry is sensitive to exposure and they make quick reactions with other chemicals like detergents. The best way is to take them off while working, and only wear while free.
  • Cleaning Gently: ​Cleaning the silver jewelry is not difficult at all, as found in the old wives tale, you can simply make your silver jewelry shine by cleaning it with a paste of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of water in a quarter cup and rubbing gently over by cotton ball. Rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth. You can also clean it with any bleach free cleaning powder mixed with warm water. Soak it for a minute and dry in air. Make sure you pack your jewelry when it's completely dry.
  • Save your skin with silver ornaments:​ Now this is simply good to know that your skin and jewelry can both go hand in hand as long you wear it frequently, this will avoid tarnishing of your jewelry and you can also wear it whenever you like. A good cleaned jewelry is better for your skin as long as it is cleaned and well maintained. This way you can get your jewelry shine and your skin too.
  • Save from sweat: ​Silver jewelry needs to be safe when you are sweating badly. As it is important to secure it from rough surfaces, likewise its better to take off silver rings before you are heading to the gym. Silver jewelry is soft and find quick reasons to tarnish. When you are clean and dry, it bests for the silver jewelry.  Don’t keep your jewelry in paper envelopes and even cardboard boxes. It will ruin your jewelry. 

Silver Jewelry is most amazing as long as it shines, don’t get lazy with its well maintenance. Whenever shopping silver jewelry, make sure you reach the reliable jeweler and invest your money in buying the right silver product.

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